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The Return of the Pop Elul Project

As the Hebrew month of Elul begins, look out for the return of the Pop Elul Project. Throughout the month, blog posts on thPopElule Pop Elul Project help us find meaning in the themes of the High Holy Days.

Each daily Blog Post focuses on a piece of Pop Culture (Movies, Television, Music, Books, etc.) and connects that which is “trendy” to the themes of the Days of Awe and the High Holy Day season.

The Pop Elul Project is an open forum for discussion and debate about God, Renewal, and Repentance with help from the music we love to listen to and the shows and movies we love to watch!

You can visit the blog at popelul.com and check it out for new and archived blog posts.

Wishing you a meaningful High Holy Day season!

-Rabbi Jesse M. Olitzky

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The Conclusion of the Pop Elul Project

With the month of Elul coming to a close, and Rosh Hashanah only hours away, the Pop Elul Project has concluded… at least for this year. Like the blast of the shofar, I hope the Pop Elul Project assisted in spiritually waking us up, to prepare ourselves, and purify ourselves for the year ahead.

I am honored to share that the Pop Elul Project was picked up and shared by the Hollywood Journal. The Hollywood Journal strives to share soulful wisdom and spirituality in a world of pop culture too often focused on fame and celebrity status. I believe that the Pop Elul Project’s inclusion in the Hollywood Journal is just another example of how Judaism has entered the public marketplace and how Jewish thought, wisdom, ethics, and values are not only limited to the Jewish community. Rather, they are an asset to all of humanity.

Furthermore, the teachings and reflections that prepare us for the New Year during Elul are not only limited to the month of Elul and this Season of Awe and Amazement. They are important reminders for us throughout the year. We all need a wake up call every now and again. So I invite you to check out the entire month’s reflections for the Pop Elul Project at popelul.com or check out how Judaism has entered the marketplace of ideas by checking out the Pop Elul Project on the Hollywood Journal’s website.

Shana Tova! May this be a year of happiness, health, and love!

– Rabbi Jesse M. Olitzky

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