Rosh Hashanah Sermons 5776

For those who missed them, want to read them again, or are interested, here are my Rosh Hashanah sermons, delivered at Congregation Beth El in South Orange, NJ:

Rosh Hashanah Day One: Saving The Stranger

Rosh Hashanah Day Two: Wasting Time Waiting to Change

Please feel free to share your feedback, thoughts, and comments.

– Rabbi Jesse M. Olitzky


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2 responses to “Rosh Hashanah Sermons 5776

  1. Good sermon. Your last home….Jacksonville….will be settling a large proportion of Syrian refugees as we have a large number of Syrian families here already.

  2. Frieda Saraga

    So happy to be reading your messages for Rosh Hashananh and to see how many things you are accomplishing with your congregation. Miss you here. Frieda Saraga

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